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Halloween Is Not Far Off!

Halloween rates as one of biggest stressors for parents of food allergic children. However, with some advance planning and some simple precautions, allergic children should be able to take part and enjoy the excitement of the season.

Plan ahead. Discuss with your child how he or she will deal with forbidden treats, whether they are collected while trick or treating, passed out at school parties or simply more prevalent at that time of year.

Mom and Dad could exchange them for safe treats or toys. Or siblings could trade. Or, even better, the child could “re-gift” them to a special friend or relative of his or her choice.

This is a good time to reinforce the no-sharing food rule at school and elsewhere. And no snacking while trick or treating - or handling of the treats unless they have been checked by a parent. Ideally a parent or older sibling should make the rounds with the allergic child.

Keep things positive and serve a good evening meal, preferably a favourite, before the child goes trick or treating, so that hunger won't lead to temptation.

Focus on the positive and have fun. For example spend time decorating the front door or lawn and checking out other decorated homes – this is part of the fun of Halloween.

Check with schools or day cares well in advance to see what plans are underway for Halloween celebrations. Encourage non-food items. If food is being served be sure to send safe snacks for your child and remind the staff about the importance of good food handling hygiene and practices.

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