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Food Allergy Summer Camp 2007

by Lilly Byrtus, Regional Coordinator, Prairies/NWT/Nunavut Region, Allergy/Asthma Information Association

AAIA's fourth annual Food Allergy Summer Camp held July 30 to August 3, 2007 was a resounding success.

2007 Food Allergy Summer Campers
2007 Food Allergy Summer Campers

Fifteen campers attended the week-long experience of fun and adventure. As in our previous summer camps, all campers were integrated into the regular camp program, participating in all camp activities including swimming, canoeing, zipline, hiking, climbing wall, campfire, games, and more. An overnight outtrip adventure for the older campers made the week even more memorable.

Meals for food allergy campers were carefully prepared according to each camper's special dietary requirements, using separate kitchen facilities at the camp when necessary. Months before camp started, our dedicated camp dietitian was busy researching safe foods for our campers. During the week of camp, Wendy could be found in the kitchen preparing and serving the meals to our campers with food restrictions. Thank you to Wendy and Loretta for the great meals that week!

As an added precaution, Loretta, our registered nurse, stays at camp for the full week, and an allergist is on call. Thank you to Dr. Carr and Dr. VanderLeek for being on call for the week of camp. All camp counselors received hands-on training prior to the week of camp to allow them to quickly recognize symptoms of anaphylaxis and administer epinephrine if required. Training was provided for both single and double-dose autoinjectors.

A special thank you to all of our campers for making Summer Camp 2007 such a success. Also thank you to YWCA YoWoChAs Outdoor Education Center and all the dedicated camp staff for helping us to provide such an awesome opportunity for campers with food allergies, many of whom had never attended a summer camp before.

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