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The Allergy/Asthma Information Association's Prairies Region hosts an annual Food Allergy Summer Camp for children aged 6 to 15 years of age. The camp is held at the YWCA YoWoChAs Outdoor Education Centre, which is located 80 km west of Edmonton, Alberta. Campers come from across Alberta, and as far away as the eastern United States, to attend this fun-filled week of activities.

The Food Allergy Summer Camp is integrated with the regular camp program for the week, and campers participate in the usual camp activities, including swimming, canoeing, hiking, zip line, games and campfires. Meals for campers with food allergies are specially prepared by our camp dietician. All ingredients are researched prior to camp, and the meals and snacks are served individually according to the special dietary needs of the campers. Food manufacturers are contacted prior to camp to obtain detailed ingredient and allergen information. A registered Nurse is present at camp to observe campers during and after meals and assist with medications and first aid as required. A pediatric allergist from Edmonton is on call for the duration of the camp. All camp counselors and other staff are trained prior to camp to recognize signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis and to administer emergency medication if necessary.

For further information, call AAIA at 1-866-456-6651, YoWoChAs at 780-892-2660 or visit their Web site at Next link will open in a new, following the YoWoChAs link.

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